Sirloin Strip

Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)

All Peeled & Trimmed

Flank Steak

Blade Steak

Prime Rib Roast

Your Choice of Bone-In or Bone-Out

Rump Roasts or Steaks

Top Round Roasts or Steaks

Face of Rump Roast


4 Ounce Veal Cutlets

(Individually Wrapped for Easy Freezing)

Veal Chops

Veal Osso Bucco


Beef Short Ribs

Good for Braising

Sirloin Tips

Marinated or Plain, you can't go wrong with this for the BBQ!

Texas Beef Ribs

Beef Shoulder

Use this cut for Pot Roasts or Marinated London Broil

Chuck Tenders

Delicious in Stews

Bone-In Beef Shanks

Boneless Beef Shanks

Burnt Cow Feet

Cow Feet

Ground Hamburger

Freshly Ground Extra-Lean Beef, Never Pre-Ground

Burnt Cow Skins

Beef Brisket

If you've got a Smoker, this cut's for you!


Cow Tongue

Beef Tripe

Beef Liver


Center-Cut Pork Chops

Pork Loins

For Roasts or Chops

Country Style Spare Ribs

Pork Butts

Use this cut for Pulled-Pork or Pork Roast

Fresh Ham

Slab Bacon

Once you go Slab, you'll never go back to pre-slice!

Rind-On Bellies

Great for Chicharrón

Pork Shoulders

Excellent for Jerk Pork!

Pigs Feet


Whole Lamb

Half Lamb

Lamb Legs

Lamb Shoulder & Necks

Lamb Chops

Ribs or Kidneys

Lamb Riblets


Whole Goat

Half Goat

Goat Legs

Skin-On Goat Legs

Goat Shoulder & Necks

Skin-On Shoulder & Neck

Goat Ribs & Chops

Skin-On Ribs & Chops


Whole Chicken

Large Fowl

Small Fowl

Includes 3 Fowls

Chicken Breasts

Bone-In with Skin

Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts

Chicken Leg Quarters

Chicken Drumsticks

Chicken Wings

Chicken Party Wings

Chicken Tenders

Turkey Drumsticks

Turkey Wings

Turkey Necks