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Where it all began...

For 109 years the Lampert family has owned Puritan Beef Company, making it the oldest retail meat store in Boston.  For 3 generations, in-depth knowledge has been shared regarding the entire meat process.  Having had vertically integrated experiences in this industry, we understand everything about the animal; from the time it was alive through the slaughtering process, to the wholesaler, and finally to a retail store for the consumer.  We know specifics about the animals, such as the type of diets they consumed, in order to provide our customers with the most tender meat. Puritan is located in the historical Haymarket area giving it a very unique location.  Our customers range from different ethnicities who travel to our store from all over New England, to local professionals who work in the surrounding offices. 

How We Continued to Grow...


Consequently, our product line reflects all of our customers' differing tastes and desires.  We offer everything from heavy western prime N.Y. sirloins and filet mignons to cow feet, oxtails, beef tongues, and goat just to name a few. We are also known for being the largest goat distributor in the region. 

...Give us a try!

If you are not already an existing customer, come by our store and check out our fresh meat. We would be happy to serve your needs, as we have been doing for our loyal customers over the past century. 

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